taxidermy art


Revue Dada ( 276)

Animaux Fantastiques

By Antoine Ullmann

Paris, France: Editions Arola, 2023

p. 11 [image inclusion]

ISBN– 978-2358801768

Nicholas R. Brewer: His Art & His Family

by Julie L'Enfant, PhD

Saint Paul, MN: Afton Press, 2018

pp. 340-343 [image & biography]


Lexikon Phantastischen Künstlerinnen:

(Encyclopedia of Fantastical Female Artists)

by Prof. Gerhard Habarta

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HEY! Modern Art & Pop-Culture ( 29)

Contemporary art book series

by Anne & Julien

Paris, France: Ankama Editions, 2017

pp. 61-63  [image and biography]


Displaying Death And Animating Life: Human-Animal Relations in Art, Science

by Jane C. Desmond, PhD

New York, NY: Grand Central Press, 2016

pp. 31-33, 252 n17 [inclusion]


Hearsay; Artists Reveal Urban Legends

by Jan Harold Phaidon, PhD

New York, NY: Grand Central Press,  2015  

pp. 50-51 [image & biography]


Taxidermy Art

by Robert Marbury

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Wild Art

by David Carrier, PhD

and Joachim Pissarro, PhD

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p. 138 [image & biography]


Animal Skins: Visual Surfaces

by Stephanie Turner, PhD

Self-published by UWEC, 2013

pp. 29-30 [image & biography]

Monstres, Merveilles et Créatures Fantastiques

(Monsters; Fantastic & Wondrous Creatures)

by Professor Martial Guédron

France: Hazan publishing, 2011

p. 203 [image & biography]


The Zymoglyphic Museum

By Jim Stewart

Self-published, 2011

[Image inclusion]


Fancy Beasts

by Alex Lemon

Canada: Milkweed Editions,  2010

[cover art]


Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler:

(Encyclopedia of Fantastical Artists)

by Prof. Gerhard Habarta

Norderstedt, Germany: Self-published, 2009

p. 79 [image & biography]


Metamorphosis II;

50 Surreal & Fantastic Artists

by Jon Beinart

Australia: BeinArt Publishing, 2008

pp. 38-39 [image & biography]


Charley 05

Contemporary art book series

by Maurizio Cattelan and Massimiliano Gioni

Greece: Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art 2007

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Cryptozoolology; Out of Time Place Scale

by  Loren Coleman, PhD,

Raechell Smith, and Mark Bessire

Switzerland: RP-Ringier publishing, 2009

p. 42 [image & biography]


Tales of the Cryptids

By Halls, Spears & Young.

Plain City, OH: Darby Creek publishing, 2006

p. 51 [image & biography]




CBC radio

"Art From Dead Animals"

The Current (Arts & culture feature)

Interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti


KFAI radio

"When Taxidermy Went Rogue"

MinneCulture (Art & culture series)

Interviewed by Lila Cherneff


Minnesota Public Radio

"Art That's Stuffed and Mounted"

(news segment)

Interviewed by Marianne Combs


"Vile Bodies"

By Ronald Binnie PhD

Plastik; Art & Science Journal

# 4, 2014 Art et Biodiversité Un Art Durable?

pp. n/a [inclusion]


"Animal Magic: Sculpting Queer Encounters Through Rogue Taxidermy Art"

By Dr. Miranda Niittynen

Gender Forum

Issue 55, 2015 Gender, Animals, and Animality

pp. 14-34 [image & biography inclusion]


"Present Signs, Dead Things:

Indexical Authenticity and Taxidermy's Nonabsent Animal"

by Helen Gregory PhD & Anthony Purdy, PhD

Configurations, Vol 23, 1, winter 2015

John Hopkins University Press

p. 75 [inclusion]


"Interspecies Blendings and Resurrections: Material Histories of Disability and Race in Taxidermy Art"

By Dr. Miranda Niittynen

Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

Vol. 9, 2, 2020 The Intersections of Critical Disability Studies and Critical Animal Studies

p. 103-138

DOI: 10.15353/cjds.v9i2.627



Twin Cities PBS

series: Minnesota Original

"Sarina Brewer: Rogue Taxidermy Sculptor"

2017 regional Emmy winner for best short story  


Outdoor Channel

series: Minnesota Bound  

"Rogue Taxidermy?"

Interviewed by Ron Schara

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Feature-length documentary from Curiosity Pictures Inc.

Produced by History Boutique Films, directed by Erin Derham

click for official trailer

click for segment featuring Sarina Brewer

related reading ~

"Un/Dead Animal Art: Ethical Encounters Through Rogue Taxidermy Sculpture”

Niittynen, Miranda (2018)

[Women's Studies and Feminist Research Graduate Program ]

3/11/19 South by Southwest Film Festival (inaugural screening) Austin, TX

5/26/19 Seattle International Film Festival

7/20/19 Indie Street Film Fest, NJ

7/30/19 Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, CA

9/27/19 Charolette Film Festival, NC

10/16-29/19 Film Forum NYC  (official release of film)

now in select theaters, link here for venue updates

11/1-7/19  Laemmle Music Hall

11/8-14/19 Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago IL

11/16/19 Rocky Mountain Women’s film festival

3/14/20 Environmental Film Festival, Washington D.C.

Available on DVD / VOD after March 9th 2020 via Amazon Prime and iTunes

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